It looks like Keystone has stopped paying for work everyone has done for them.Called the office several times got lots of promises but no money, now No answer at company.

Seams like in last year things went bad, some important employees were let go and now no email responses.I would like to let Journeys and GNC know how Keystone facilities is making a mess of their names. They hire someone to work in the stores and wont pay the invoices.

I haven't had any work come for Aspen Dental in a while, I thought it was because they didn't pay for services.I heard Aspen is not using Keystone any longer and looking to hire on their own.

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Replying to my own post back from 082511 I am now in the same position as all of you guys, (owed money) On a positive note I think we can do something about this and not lose all of our hard earned money.I have learned that Mr.

S bought a house for 428,334.00 back in 2008 (cash in hand according to court records). Rec. Book 3008 page 260978 Yes he could file Bankruptcy but that would be ugly for him and even if he does we still have dibs on his house. Call me and lets try to get paid from this slacker.

David M.Klima

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I noticed on the company web site, Keystone Facilities is owned by Ruckno Construction Co. Same owners You may want to call that number for help.

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